Class 6 Health Protection or Wellbeing book pdf download 2024 (স্বাস্থ্য সুরক্ষা বই)

Dear visitor, today we came with class 6 Health Protection or Wellbeing pdf book for free download. NCTB provides this Health Protection book free for all.

If you become a good student, you have to need staying healthy. Because, our mental action depends of our physical health.

For this reason, there newly add this Wellbeing or health protection book in class VI. This book will help the students to protect their health.

There is given class six Health Protection or Wellbeing pdf book in bellow. So, you could download this Wellbeing pdf book.

Class 6 Health Protection or Wellbeing book pdf free download:

Some information about this Wellbeing pdf book-

  • Book name: Health Protection or Wellbeing book Class Six
  • Bangla name: Sastho Surokkha Boi class Six
  • Book Category: Academic book
  • Version: English and Bangla
  • Writers: Nasima Akter
  • Publisher: NCTB
  • Year: 2023, 2024
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Authority: NCTB
  • Total pages: 148
  • Total Chapters: Six
  • Picture color: colorful
  • Pdf size: 8 MB
  • Pdf name: Health Protection 6 book pdf
  • Downlead pdf from bellow-
YearEnglish Versionবাংলা ভার্সন
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Source of this book:

Table of Content of Health Protection Book:

  1. Staying Healthy, Happy and Safe
  2. Care in my Adolescence
  3. Let’s make Friends
  4. Let’s Discover own self
  5. Speak about feelings and needs
  6. Treasure hunting in the care of a relationship


Our happiness mostly depends on healthy, safe and sound mind. So, there discussed first chapter in this book about Healthy, happy and Safety.

In a certain age, there need a special care of our physical health when there happen some changes in our body. So there is also some discussion about this time.

Friends are special part of our life. Many times, we are influenced by our friends. So there includes a discussion in this book about make a good friends.

In last four, five and six chapters of this class 6 Health Protection book, there discussed about Discover own self, our feelings and needs and the care of our relationship.

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