Class 6 Science Investigative Study Book PDF Download 2024 (বিজ্ঞান অনুসন্ধানী পাঠ)

Dear visitor, today we came with class 6 Science Investigative Study pdf book for free download. NCTB provides this Science Investigative book free for all.

Investigative minded person is always diffident from other, they their success rate is higher than general. Investigative minded person get more advanced.

So, we should try to create student as an investigative minded. For this reason, there included a new book called Science Investigative Study book for students of class 6.

This Science Investigative Study book is an one kind of science book. But this science book is more diffident from others. Because, there included many chapters will created curiosity among the student about modern science.

As a result this science investigative study book will be more effective than other book of science. So, we can hope that this new Science book will be more popular in future.

There is given class six Science Investigative Study pdf book in bellow. So, you could download this Investigative pdf book.

Class 6 Science Investigative Study book pdf free download:

Some information about this Science Investigative Study pdf book-

  • Book name: Science Investigative Study book Class Six
  • Bangla name: Biggan Onusondhani Book Class Six
  • Book Category: Academic Science book
  • Version: English and Bangla
  • Writers: Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
  • Publisher: NCTB
  • Year: 2023, 2024
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Authority: NCTB
  • Total pages: 184
  • Total Chapters: 16
  • Picture color: colorful
  • Pdf size: 10 MB
  • Pdf name: Science Investigative Study 6 pdf
  • Downlead pdf from bellow:
YearEnglish Versionবাংলা ভার্সন
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Source of this book:

Table of Content of Class VI Science Investigative Study Book:

  1. Science and Technology
  2. Matters and it’s Properties
  3. The Living World
  4. Plants, Animals and Microorganisms
  5. Weather and Climate
  6. Earth and Universe
  7. Motion
  8. Force and Energy
  9. Rotation of Sun, Earth and Moon and their Relative Positions
  10. Properties of Matters and it’s External Effects
  11. Human Body
  12. Mixture and Separation of the Components of Mixture
  13. Nutrition and Metabolism of the Organism
  14. Light
  15. Environment and Topography
  16. The interdependence of the organisms and the sustainable environment


There are almost 16 Chapters in this Science Investigative Study book. But, most wonderful things is that every chapters of this Science Investigative Study book are interesting and unique.

We can say more about this Science Investigative Study book, because this book is very informative. At first chapter, there discussed about modern Science and Technology, the uses of science of our life etc.

There are only two types of things in our earth, one is matter and another is life. And it is very important to know about this for students of class VI. So, there are a big discussion about matters & its properties, life, living world, planets, animals etc.

Weather and climates influenced to our life and livelihood. So, there discussed about weather and climate in Science Investigative Study book. Every person be interested on our Earth and Universe by Birth. As a result, there included investigative related text about Earth & Universe in this Science Investigative Study book.

After that, there try to add some physics related discussion like – motion, force, energy, rotation of Sun, Earth, Moon. properties of matters, light etc. As a result there will create attraction for physics among the students of class 6.

Biology is also the special part of science. So, there discussed about some biological issues such as, Human body, Mixture separation, Nutrition, Metabolism of organism and our Environment in this Science investigative book of class 6.

We hope that this Science Investigative book will able to fulfil the intention of our education system. With the development of students our new generation will go way of success.


What is the name of new science book of class six?

The name of new book of class six is Science Investigation Study book. This science book is made by very easy language than before. So, this science book will be better than old one.

What is meant by investigative study ?

It is meant by investigative study that the student will not only read the lesson but also they will investigate, research about lesson. By this way, the student will capable to self learning. This kinds of learning process is more effective than as usual.

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