Class 3 Islam and Moral Education Book pdf Download 2024 (ইসলাম বই)

Dear reader, Islam and Moral Education book is a religious book. This book also includes in the syllabus of class three. So, we came with this class 3 Islam and Moral Education pdf book free for all students.

This religious textbook has been developed consciously according to learning outcomes, subjects matters and planned activities of primary education level of Islam and Moral Education.

NCTB provides this Islam and Moral Education pdf book to ensure proper religious and moral education in all stages of our country.

For this reason, all the students of class III and anyone can download this Islam and Moral Education pdf book. So, there was given this Islam pdf book download opportunity in bellow.

Download class 3 Islam and Moral Education free pdf book:

Some information about this Islam and Moral Education pdf book-

  • Book name: Islam and Moral Education Class Three
  • Bangla name: Islam o Noitic Shikkha Boi Tritio Sreni
  • Book Category: Academic Religious book
  • Version: English and Bangla
  • Writers: Prof,. Dr. Muhammad Ab. Mabud
  • Publisher: NCTB
  • Year: 2023, 2024
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Authority: NCTB
  • Total pages: 82
  • Total Chapters: Five
  • Picture color: colorful
  • Pdf size: 06 MB
  • Pdf name: Islam & Moral Education pdf book
  • Downlead pdf from bellow-
YearEnglish Versionবাংলা ভার্সন
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Table of Content of class 3 Islam and Moral Education pdf Book:

  • Chapter One
    Iman and Aqaid
    • Identity of Allah
    • Allah is the Creator
    • Allah is the Cherisher
    • The Rizq Provider
    • Allah is the Gracious
    • Nabi and Rasul
    • Asmani Kitab
    • Akhirat
    • Kalima Tayyiba
    • Exercise
  • Chapter Two
    • Cleanliness and Purity
    • Wadu
    • Kalima Shahadat
    • Fard in Wadu
    • Cleanliness of hands and feet
    • Cleanliness of Eyes
    • Salat
    • Waqt of Salat
    • Rules of Salat
    • Salam
    • Moral Benefits of Salat
    • Exercise
  • Chapter Three
    • Obedience to Parents
    • Good Behavior with Classmates
    • Exchanging Salam
    • Good Behaviour with Guest
    • Serving Human Beings
    • Speaking the truth
    • Exercise
  • Chapter Four
    Learning the Quran Majid
    • Arabic Alphabets
    • Nukqta
    • Different Shapes of Arabic Letters
    • Harkat
    • Tanwin
    • Jazam
    • Tasdid
    • Formation of word
    • Harafs of madd
    • Sura Al-Fatiha
    • Sura Al-Falaq
    • An-Nas Sura
    • Exercise
  • Chapter Five
    Prophets & Messengers
    • The Great Prophet (s)
    • Attaining Nabuwat by the Great Prophet (s)
    • The Kindness of Great Prophet (s)
    • The Great Prophet (s): Protesting Oppression
    • Names of Some Prophets
    • Exercise
    • Naat-E-Rasul


How many Sura are there in class 3 Islam book and What they are?

There are only 3 Sura, Sura Al-Fatiha, Sura Al-Falaq, Sura An-Nas.

What is Salat?

Salat is a formal system of prayer to Allah According to Isam religion. There are five main pillars in Islam, Salat is the best one of them.

What is Wadu?

Wadu is the formal system of purity.

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