Class 5 Math Book PDF Download 2024 (৫ম শ্রেণির গণিত বই)

Dear reader, welcome to our 7rongbd web site for class 5 math book pdf free download. Because, today we come with class five pdf math book for 100% free for all.

NCTB provides this class 5 mathematics book for all to ensure our digital education. For creating this free education system, we may thank to Bangladeshi Government.

Class five math book is a compulsory subject for all students of class five. For this reason, if you are a student of class five, or guardian do not miss this opportunity to download this free pdf math book.

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It is a very hot question that, why do you need, or you should read this pdf math book? It is very simple, this is a time of scientific era.

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Class 5 math book cover photo
Class 5 math book cover photo

Download class 5 math pdf book from bellow:

There are given some important information about this pdf math book; like pdf file name, pdf size, Publication date and publisher, total pages etc. It will help you to download this class 5 math.

  • Book Name: Mathematics Book Class five.
  • Bangla Name: Gonit Boi Ponchom Sreni.
  • Version: English & Bangla.
  • Book Category: Education.
  • Pages: 165.
  • File Category: PDF.
  • Pdf Size: 11 MB.
  • Writer: Shamsul Haque Mollah.
  • Published by: NCTB.
  • Country: Bangladesh.
  • Recommended By: Ministry of Primary & Mass Education of Bangladesh.
  • Publication Year: 2022, 2023, 2024
  • Book Price: 100% free for all.
  • Book Download Link: Bellow table..

Download class five pdf math book from bellow table, both English and Bangla version which you need. We have mention different row and different Colum in book download table to ensure different version and different year.

Download pdf from here:

YearEnglish Versionবাংলা ভার্সন
(Pdf book download table)

Source of this book:

Please use your Gmail account (google account) to download this math book. Because the pdf math book uploaded in Google Drive.

Table of Context of this math book:

Problems involving
four Rules
Mathematical Symbols21
Multiples and Factors26
Decimal Fractions65
Data Arrangement142
Calculator and Computer152
Contents of this math Book


What is the name of version of this book?

Both Bangla and English version.

Name of publisher of this math book?

NCTB is the publisher of this math book.

What is the mean by NCTB?

NCTB means by National Curriculum Board of Bangladesh.

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