Class 1 English Book PDF Download 2024 (ইংরেজি বই)

Do you want to download class 1 English pdf book ? Today, we come with pdf version English book of class one and it is totally free for all.

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Some Information about this book:

  • Book Name: English For Today
  • Class: One
  • Book Category: Education
  • Book Language: English
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Made for: Bangladesh
  • Board: NCTB
  • Publisher: NCTB
  • Writer: M S Hoque
  • Publish Year: 2022, 2023, 2024
  • Total Pages: 100
  • Pdf Size: 18 MB
  • Authority of This Pdf Book:
  • Download from bellow:

Download pdf from here:

YearEnglish Versionবাংলা ভার্সন
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Table of Content of this English Book:


  1. Good morning (1)
  2. Good morning (2)
  3. How are you (1)
  4. How are you (2)
  5. Goodbye
  6. A Rhyme: Two Little Blackbirds


  1. The Alphabet Song
  2. aA-bB
  3. cC-dD
  4. Numbers 1-2
  5. Two Little Hands
  6. eE-fF
  7. Numbers: 3-4
  8. Counting cats
  9. gG-hH
  10. Numbers: 5-6
  11. iI-jJ
  12. Numbers: 7-8
  13. kK-lL
  14. mM-nN
  15. Numbers: 9-10
  16. oO-pP
  17. qQ-rR
  18. sS-tT
  19. uU-wW
  20. xX-zZ
  21. Review of aA-zZ


  1. Classroom introduction 1
  2. introduction 2
  3. Classroom introduction 3


  1. Self-introduction
  2. In The Village
  3. In The City
  4. At Home
  5. In The Classroom
  6. Review Lesson


  1. Animals Sounds
  2. Where do you Live ?
  3. A Family Tree

Book Review:

This English Book is standard for students of class 1. There are only 5 units but it divide into many lessons.

In every lesson has given different important topic that needs for student of class 1.

There are many popular rhymes in this English book, such as “Two Little Blackbirds” and “Animal Sounds”. How to count number of 1 to 10 that discusses in this book.

On the other hand, English Alphabets are very important to know for students of class 1. For this reason, there is given very effective and easy English Alphabet teaching method.

I believe that it is must possible to increase reading, listening and writing skills of students of class one by reading this English book.


Can we use this book as a “English textbook of class 1” ?

Yes. This English book is suitable for students who read in class one in any school.

Can we make English worksheet from this book?

Yes. We make English worksheet for class 1 students.

Is there given any English Conversion of this book?

Yes, there are given many English conversion in this class 1 pdf.

Is this NCERT book of class 1?

No, this is not a book of ncert book. This is a NCTB book.

Is there included English grammar with this class One Book?

In fact, there is no need to read English grammar for students of class one.

Can we use this English book for students of English Medium?

Yes, we can use this book for students of Standard English Medium.

Is this book “new oxford modern English book of 1”?

No, it is not a new oxford modern English book of 1.

Why do we call this book as a primary English book?

We call this book as a primary book because, this English book is made specially for primary students.

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