Class 4 Islam and Moral Education Book PDF Download 2024 (ইসলাম বই)

Dear visitor, you can download class 4 Islam and Moral Education pdf book from this platform. This is big opportunity to download this pdf book, because this Islam and Moral Education book is completely free for all.

There are also others book for class four, but this Islam pdf book very special, because this a religious book. On the other hand, there includes moral education in this book, that is very important for all students of class 4.

This book is a compulsory board book, which is prescribed by the Board of Education for all. So, if you think that you need this pdf Islam and Moral Education book, then you could download this book from bellow.

Class 4 Islam and Moral Education pdf book free download:

Some information about this Islam And Moral Education pdf book-

  • Book name: Islam and Moral Education Class Four
  • Bangla name: Islam O Noitik Shikkha Boi Choturtho Sreni
  • Book Category: Academic Religious book
  • Version: English and Bangla
  • Writers: Prof. Md. Tamizuddin
  • Publisher: NCTB
  • Year: 2023, 2024
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Authority: NCTB
  • Total pages: 101
  • Total Units: 05
  • Picture color: colorful
  • Pdf size: 07 MB
  • Pdf name: Class 4 Islam & Moral Education Pdf
  • Downlead pdf from bellow-
YearEnglish Versionবাংলা ভার্সন
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Source of this book:

Table of Content of Class 4 Islam Book:

  • Chapter – 1
    Iman & Aqaid
    • Knowledge about Allah the Great
    • Allah the Loard
    • Allah the All-Powerfull
    • The Peach Giver
    • Kalima Shahadat
    • Iman Mujmal
    • Iman Mufassal
  • Chapter – 2
    • Taharat (Purity)
    • Wudu (Ablution)
    • Ghasl (Taking Bath)
    • Azan (Call to Salat)
    • Iqamat
    • Salat
    • Salat of Jumua’h
    • The Salat of Eid
  • Chapter -3
    • Respect to the parents
    • Respect to the teacher
    • And Respect to the Elder
    • Also Affectionate to the younger
    • To behave well with the neighbours
    • Nursing the patients
    • Speaking the truth
    • Keeping the Promise
    • Not to be greedy
    • Not to waste
    • And not to backbite
  • Chapter – 4
    To learn the Quran MaJid
    • The Arabic Alphabets
    • Harakat
    • Tanwin
    • Jazam
    • Tashdid
    • Madd
    • Tajwid, MaKhraj
    • Idgam
    • Izhar
    • Surah An-Nasr
    • Surah Al-Lahab
    • And Surah Al-Ikhlas
  • Chapter – 5
    Knowledge About Nabis
    & Rasuls & their Ideals Lives
    • The Life and Ideals of
      Hazrat Muhammad (s)
    • Hazrat Musa (A)
    • Hazrat-Hud (A)
    • Hazrat Salih (A)
    • Hazrat Ishaq (A)
    • Haz. Lut (A)
    • Hazrat Shu’ayeb (A)
    • Hazrat Ilyas (A)
    • Haz. Zulkifl (A)
    • Hazrat Zakaria (A)
    • Hamd-e-Ilahi
    • Nat-e-Rasul


What is the full name of Class Four Islam book?

The full name of class four Islam book is Islam and Moral Education book class four.

What is about the moral education of class iv Islam book?

To obey our parents, respects our teacher, respects our elders and affectionate our younger, speaking truth are the moral education. So there discussed these moral education in this class iv Islam & Moral Education Book.

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