Class 6 Christian Religion Studies Book pdf 2024 (খ্রিষ্টধর্ম বই)

Dear visitor, today we came with class 6 Christian Religion Studies pdf book for free download. NCTB provides this Christian book free for all.

There are four major religion in our country Bangladesh. They are the Islam, Hindu, Buddha and Christian.

In every Religion have their own religious Book. So, Christians also have religion book and for this reason they need an academic religious book.

So, there have been included Christian Religion Book for Christian students of class 6. The name of Book is “Christian Religion Studies Book”.

There is given class six Christian Religion Studies pdf book in bellow. So, you could download this Christian Religion pdf book.

Class 6 Christian Religion Studies book pdf free download:

Some information about this Christian Religion pdf book-

  • Book name: Christian Religion Studies Class Six
  • Bangla name: Christo Dhormo Boi
  • Book Category: Academic Religion book
  • Version: English and Bangla
  • Writers: Revernd John S. Karmakar
  • Publisher: NCTB
  • Year: 2023, 2024
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Authority: NCTB
  • Total pages: 108
  • Total Anjoli: 3
  • Picture color: colorful
  • Pdf size: 15 MB
  • Pdf name: Christian Book Class VI pdf
  • Downlead pdf from bellow-
YearEnglish Versionবাংলা ভার্সন
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Source of this book:

Table of Content of Christian Religion Book:

  1. Anjoli – 1
    • Outing
    • What more identities do you have ?
    • Presentation
    • Games and Poster
    • Basic of Christianity
    • Question – Answer and Open Discussion
    • We will Stage a Short Drama
    • Reharsel
    • Desired Day
    • Questions for the teacher
    • Answer to the Best Question
    • The Whit Sunday
  2. Anjoli – 2
    • Let’s go out on a field trip
    • Postbox
    • Benevolence
    • Fasting
    • Prayer
    • Going to Church
    • Game of notes
    • Presentation
    • Singing And Watching Video
    • Game of Cards and Preparing Posters
    • Listening to Stories
    • Real Love
    • Who is neighbour ?
    • Let’s Act
    • Choosing your Activity
    • Good deed
  3. Anjoli – 3
    • Let’s know Jesus More
    • Let’s Think about Jesus
    • Group Discussion
    • Jesus Attributes
    • Jesus
    • Values
    • Doing Something out of Values
    • Drawing for Fun
    • Wonderful Seeds
    • Kind and responsible Behaviour
    • Taking care of pets
    • All get Services
    • We All
    • My poster
    • Coexistence in Christianity
    • Living Together

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